Disable caching Drupal 8 in development process

Submitted by phannphong on Sun, 03/24/2019 - 00:42

If you have been read Some basic drush commands, you can use Drush by running drush cr command line. However, this way is not useful when you're in the development process because you need to run the command line every time you change the code.

I'll guide you follow 2 ways:


1.1. Copy example.settings.local.php in sites/ folder to settings.local.php and put it in sites/default/ path.

How to install Drupal Console on Ubuntu or MacOS

Submitted by phannphong on Sun, 03/17/2019 - 14:38

I will guide you to install Drupal Console with global access permission on your personal computer in 4 steps.

The steps to install Drupal Console is similar to the steps to install Drush 8:

Step 1: Download the latest version of drupal.phar

curl https://drupalconsole.com/installer -L -o drupal.phar

Step 2: Check by running this command line:

php drupal.phar

If everything is fine, you can see the message like the below image: